The Certified

Vedic Maths Online Course

for Students

Three months of Certified Online Vedic Maths Student Course

Students benefit the most from this Certified 3 months course. This course is designed keeping the various students in mind. The student can be in Grade 3 or above or preparing for entrance examinations like CAT, GMAT, and SAT.

This Vedic Maths course is customized accordingly and then presented as live training to the student.


The mode of this course is online through virtual classrooms. You could be anywhere globally and connected to the internet to take fully advantage of this live training course.


The following students are eligible for this Course:

  • Students of Grade 3 onwards up to Grade 12
  • Competitive entrance exam aspirants like CAT, GMAT, SAT, Banking, Engineering etc

Course Duration

The duration of the course is about 3 months where a total of 24 hourly classes on Vedic Maths will be taught along with practice and speed building sessions.

The course is very flexible and moves with student pace. This course is strictly monitored and the Vedic system is customized to the suit the student in every grade.

Reasons to Learn Online

  • As a parent you get to save time and money taken to travel and get to save on hassles which include picking and dropping your child, each time he goes for his classes. The Virtual Classroom is available at a click of a button -- online and ready for your child at your own home.
  • You can access the Virtual Classroom anywhere using apps.
  • The online sessions come to life with live, two-way audio  streaming and real-time video streaming that can be accessed by your child.
  • In a Virtual Classroom you can write notes, solve math problems, and draw diagrams, use graphs and more, during engaging, real-time e-classes. The best part is that the sessions are securely recorded so that you can review them later during exams.
  • By going online, you get 24x7 learning support. This comes very useful in exam times when you need some more maths help. So if you need help, we're always just a click away -- all day, every day.

What you need for this Online Course

  • You can access the online classroom using different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) without any hassles whatsoever. No download is required since it works with any web browser and on any operating system.
  • We recommend a 1mbps Broadband connection for a better experience.
  • You need a good quality microphone headset or speakers and microphone to be able to participate in the session and enjoy good sound quality. Webcam is optional.
  • We will be happy to give you 30 minutes of a test session to ensure everything works and then start the classes according to your convenience and schedule.

What we have to offer​

  • 3 months of live training
  • 8 hours per month
  • Personalized attention to each individual
  • Teacher support available 24/7
  • Practice Tests
  • Winning test taking Strategies shared
  • Quality education at affordable prices

Course Fees

AED 1399
  • Monthly Payment Plans Available